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HTTPRemoting is a specific kind of remoting framework that provides a simple
but powerful communication mechanism for working with remote Java objects
through HTTP transport in a protocol transparent way.
It is not going to be a replacement for or competitor to RMI, it's just a simple
and easy to use framework for applet to server communication scenarios, nonetheless it can
be used in any other kind of approaches that need to call remote objects over
The main features are:
- The services can be run on any Servlet 2.x compliant containers
- No need to create client side stubs for the services(Thanks for Dynamic Proxy)
- Transporting Security Context(Principal and Credential)
- Uses Jetty Servlet container in case of embedded approaches(no need to Tomcat/Weblogic/Websphere/..)
- Services(Interfaces/Implementations) are defined inside an XML config file
- Just a 20kB jar file required on the client side
- Run on J2SE1.3+